Apostille Services
by Sherry Matthews Consulting

If you are getting married in the State of Florida,
and are NOT a US citizen,
then you will need an Apostille from the Florida Department of State's office,
in order to change your name, or marital status, with your foreign country,
for your Passport or other legal documents.
This is a document stating that the attached "Certified Copy" of your Florida Marriage License
is a legal and valid document.

Sherry Matthews Consulting offers this service at the following fees:
$150.00 (US address)
$160.00 (CAN address)
$175.00 (EUR address)
The fee includes one (1) Florida Apostille, processing fee, and FedEx shipping charges.
The process takes approximately 3 weeks, and you must send us a Certified Copy of your Florida Marriage License.

If you want to "attempt" to do this yourself, then go to http://notaries.dos.state.fl.us/notproc7.html

If you would like Sherry Matthews Consulting to process your Apostille,
please send an email with "Apostille" in the Subject line.
Please provide the following information:
1) Bride's Name
2) Groom's Name
3) Telephone number
4) Wedding Date
5) Wedding City
6) Bride's Country of Citizenship
7) Bride's Country of Residence
8) Name of your Wedding Officiant
9) Email contact for your Wedding Officiant
Email Sherry Matthews Consulting

Sherry Matthews Consulting also offers Florida Marriage License Expressfor non-residents of Florida.

Florida Marriage License Express
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