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Please keep in mind that this is a general guideline. You should adapt it to meet your own personal wedding time frame.

6 - 12 Months
before wedding date
  • set a wedding date
  • discuss wedding budget with both sets of parents
  • determine the size and style of your ceremony
  • make a list of possible sites for the ceremony
  • select the size and style of your reception
  • make a list of possible sites for the reception
  • arrange to meet with your ceremony officiant to discuss service
  • visit reception sites to check availability, prices, and menus
  • select your wedding attendants
  • comparison shop, and order your bridal gown (6 - 9 months)
  • comparison shop, and order gowns and accessories for attendants (4 - 6 months)
  • begin your guest lists (Bride, Groom, and parents' lists combined)
  • comparison shop, and hire your florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, and wedding consultant
  • begin planning new home
  • begin making notes for bridal registry choices

3 - 6 months
before wedding date
  • complete your index card files for guest lists
  • check zip codes
  • order invitations, announcements, napkins, place cards, and thank you notes
  • begin shopping for your honeymoon trousseau
  • address your invitations and announcements/hire calligrapher
  • register with bridal registries
  • plan honeymoon with your fiance; make reservations
  • get copy of Social Security Name Change Form
  • visit reception site during a wedding to see how things are done
  • review menu details with caterer; arrange for sample tasting if possible
  • order wedding cake; order box for top tier
  • assist with selecting mother's gowns
  • select wedding rings; have bands engraved

2 - 3 months
before wedding date
  • finalize flower order; finalize colors for corsages
  • mail out-of-state (8 weeks) and out-of-country invitations (10 weeks)
  • assist Groom's mother with rehearsal party details
  • purchase accessories: garter, guest book, ring pillow, bride's bag, toasting glasses, etc.
  • find and order favors, or make them yourself
  • assist Groom with tuxedo selection, and ordering; mail measurement cards to out-of-town attendants, and fathers (don't forget to order tux for Father of Groom)

1 - 2 months
before wedding date
  • mail local invitations (6 - 8 weeks)
  • finalize photography list; review reception events time schedule
  • sit for bridal portrait, and newspaper photo
  • finalize with videographer; review reception events time schedule
  • finalize song list with musicians; review reception events time schedule
  • finalize with caterer; review reception events time schedule
  • request and return newspaper announcement form with picture
  • begin writing gift thank-you's
  • make plans for bridesmaid's and groomsmen parties, if any.
  • have fittings for bridal gown alterations
  • arrange fittings for bridesmaid's gowns
  • purchase wedding gift for Groom
  • verify tuxedo store has received all measurements for men (4 weeks)
  • do trial run for wedding day hair and make-up (try to coordinate this with the day you have portrait made)

2 - 4 weeks
before wedding date
  • apply for marriage license; order 2 extra certified copies
  • complete your honeymoon trousseau
  • make appointment for hair, make-up and nails for wedding day
  • have fun at bridal showers
  • send shower thank-you notes
  • arrange seating chart for reception
  • assist Groom's mother with seating arrangements for rehearsal party
  • send rehearsal reminders to wedding party and parents
  • contact and confirm arrangements and times with all retailers
  • Make sure bridal gown and veil are out of storage bag and not folded in half; hang in closet, or on high curtain rod, unfolded; place white sheet on floor, and spread train on it

1 - 2 weeks before wedding date
  • begin your honeymoon packing
  • give final head count to caterer
  • check on final details with florist, caterer, musicians, photographer, videographer, and wedding consultant; review arrival and departure times, and event schedule
  • arrange for caterer to put out favors on guest tables
  • arrange for someone to take reception items to site the day before
  • arrange to pay any balances
  • make a list of what you need to take to ceremony and reception sites
  • make arrangements for someone to take care of your items during ceremony and reception
  • make arrangements for honeymoon luggage to be delivered to hotel room
  • make arrangements for a "secure" gift table, or storage area at reception
  • arrange for someone to take your gown and his tuxedo home after reception
  • keep up with your wedding gift thank-you notes
  • take a deep breath, calm down, keep your sense of humor, and remember to be patient with your parents, attendants, and especially the groom.

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