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Unity Candle-lighting Ceremony


If you are getting married within the next 6 months,
we will provide you with a personalized Unity Candle-lighting Ceremony
reading for your officiant.

Since this is a "Free Service" it is only available to the Bride and Groom.

Request MUST be made by Bride or Groom.

We will Email the reading to you.

Please DO NOT use ALL CAPS.

Please complete ALL the information below.

Bride's Name:
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Groom's Name:
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Groom's Email:
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Wedding Date:
(MUST be less than 6 months from today)
Wedding City/State:
Which Ceremony
would you like ?

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If you chose one of the Ceremonies with "Children",
please provide
children's names
and ages, and note "Bride's" or "Groom's".
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